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Because it’s been ages since I have had to apply for employment or write a cover letter, my intent is to provide a quick glimpse into my background, current situation, experience and skills sets so you can determine whether I may be of assistance to you.

While I have been self-employed and outside the traditional workforce since 2003, I am diligently seeking new online clients while also looking to acquire another source of income.  My 3+ years of driving Uber full-time abruptly ended on October 8th due to a car crash.


My ideal preference is to work from home, as I had been doing for several internet marketing professionals from 2007 through mid-2015.  Life’s transitions, however, is why I started driving Uber in Atlanta in August 2016.  It was immediate money payable daily.  And it was easy and a daily adventure.

However, since the crash (45 days and counting), I am without a vehicle AND the money to acquire another rental car.  That also means no money has been earned to pay for the necessities of life (rent, food, business expenses).

So aside from applying to countless positions online (which is work in and of itself), I have also been brainstorming How to turn what I know and do into what people want and will buy?

That’s the question of every online entrepreneur, is it not?  Some figure out the answer, but I suspect too many never do.

Personally, I have invested too much time, effort, and energy to not keep trying to figure this mystery out.

Although some of you reading this may deem it inappropriate that I shared my financial situation, it was done to let you know how critical it is that I acquire paying work, yesterday.  Based on my extensive computer expertise and experience, my goal is to provide the high caliber quality work that potential clients and/or prospective employers need and deserve.

If, after reviewing my websites; my resume at; and doing your social media due diligence, you wish to schedule an introductory meeting, please let me know which day and time works best for you at

Looking forward to knowing more about How I May Be of Assistance to You, or someone you know.

Anita Johnson