When You Don’t Know How . . . LEARN

There’s something to be said for learning to do what needs to be done, instead of relying on someone else to do it for you.  Like setting up your own website or blog . . .

I had a friend who took my first serious attempt at a website and turned it into a really nice looking blog.  Recently that person decided to no longer maintain my site, so I am having to learn WordPress in a ‘trial by fire’ mode.

In attempting to upgrade to the most recent version of WordPress, I managed to lock myself out of the admin panel!  I know what I did wrong, but didn’t know how to undo the damage.

But thankfully, my hosting company has EXCELLENT customer support, and did what needed to be done so that I could login to the admin and, at the very least, write this post.

The lesson learned . . . while it might seem to be more expedient to have someone else do something for you, it’s in YOUR best interest to learn how to do that something for yourself.  Especially if it’s your website or blog!

I am forever grateful to Kavi at Ultimate Marketing Center.

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