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FREE Computer Q&A
Training and Troubleshooting

Below is information regarding Free computer Q&A, Training and Troubleshooting sessions being offered right after the Senior Body Sculpting classes on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at Exchange Park Recreation Center

Some of you I met briefly when you added your name and email address to my sign up sheet.

Some of you signed up and have not yet met me, or received the email sent on March 8th. 

My hope is you will want to participate by either showing up at 11 AM when you have questions; OR  by signing up below to be sure you are notified about upcoming virtual training sessions.

"Training So It Gets Done" Focuses On . . .

  • People who have questions about their computer and have no one to ask.
  • YOU may have a specific issue you do not know how to resolve.
  • Or MAYBE, you want to learn how to do something and haven’t yet figured it out, or made time to learn what is necessary.

Allow Me to Be of Assistance and Help YOU!

The content of my training is driven by questions asked by YOU.  And it’s highly likely you aren’t the only one asking that question.

So, what if you asked, and I answered, not only for your benefit, but for those who are also silently asking the same or similar questions?

That means this training is currently individualized, tailored and customized to YOU, and has no set structure or agenda . . . YET!

My commitment, however, is to be available, after the Senior Body Sculpting class.  Anyone interested in asking me for assistance about their computer or smartphone is welcome to do so starting at 11 AM on the days you see me.

If you have a laptop, please bring it so you can benefit the most.  If you don’t have one to bring, no worries, there are computers we can use.

The FCC Platform

Ideally, the interest will be great enough that we don’t necessarily need to meet ‘face to face’ after the Senior Body Sculpting class.  

Instead, we could use the online technology that allows us to see and talk to each other from our respective computers, where ever we may be.  And with your permission, we can share screens to make the Q&As and customized training sessions easier to understand and implement.

The recordings of our sessions will be made available to those who register to attend.

The objective of these virtual training sessions will always be to get something done NOW, rather than later.  🙂

That means there’s something you have been putting off doing because you either do not yet know how, or have not yet taken time to learn how.

Or you simply don’t want to do it, but know it must be done.
So come prepared with your questions or something YOU Need to Get Done!

Got Questions? 

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