Anita Johnson

Your Computer Assistant & Technical Trainer

From Then to Now . . .

Before coming online in search of earning income in October 2002, my job title was Help Desk Support Specialist.  It was one of countless jobs I had over a 30 year period working with attorneys in their prestigious law firms throughout Metro Atlanta.  In fact, I remember watching the 1996 Olympics from the 49th floor of that tall building in the photo above.  🙂

I turned to the Internet when released from my last good-paying job because a) nothing I had been doing at the time toward finding reasonable employment was panning out; and b) I instinctively knew there HAD to be a way to make money online.  I just had to figure it out.  So I started by giving myself a company name which was needed to open a PayPal business account.

A Johnson Enterprise started as an umbrella for a combination of endeavors, with an emphasis on helping small and home-based business owners better understand how to utilize their computer software and the Internet.  I created my first website, Net Marketing For Newbies, in 2007 for that purpose, and shortly thereafter, landed my first paying client.

From 2007 through 2015, I provided online Expert Help Desk Support and Technical Virtual Assistance for several Internet Marketing professionals.

However, life changes, rough circumstances, and major transitions began occurring in 2014.  And after my Mom died in May 2015, I pretty much went through my days/nights in a fog, on Facebook, trying to figure out how to function in a world without her.

2016 was financially ugly, and by summer, I had to move from Daytona Beach back to the Metro Atlanta area —  where I found myself driving for Uber to pay my bills.

Three months into ‘driving daily for dollars’, I knew I had to find a way to get myself back online before I killed my car, “God’s Blessings”.

It was Spring 2017, when I got excited about a ‘new to Atlanta’ ride-hail service, and my efforts to promote it resulted in building the site Drivers Earn More.

NOW . . . after what I’m calling a two-year hiatus, I AM updating and revamping my online presence and properties as I reinvent myself (yet again).  Truthfully, I now have time because my car’s timing belt broke June 24th.  It was repaired and is now sitting, awaiting some engine repair. 🙁

This new domain was bought to consolidate my other sites into one location.  As I get that done, don’t be surprised by the changes. Check back often to see the progress!

My online journey has been a total ‘faith walk’ in creating income without a traditional offline J-O-B.  And I can honestly say that despite the uncertainties and hardships, I absolutely LOVE and prefer being online!  

NOW to meet the people who have a need for What I Offer!  🙂

Is that YOU?