Training So It Gets Done!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
12:00 Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific

Have you ever purchased online training you believed or knew you needed?

You haven’t watched the videos, listened to the audios, or even read the written documentation yet, have you?

OR, maybe you have, but you still haven’t acted on what you supposedly ‘learned’. Right?


Here’s YOUR SolutionTraining So IT Gets Done!

My training goals are based on helping you get specific computer tasks done in your business using various tools. 

Training based on HOW TO use a particular software, tool or widget is plentiful.  And learning that information is easy enough. 

However, I will show you not only HOW TO in real time, but am committed to helping you Get IT Done!  Because learning how to do something means nothing if you don’t implement or act on what you learned.

Training So IT Gets Done! is a combination of demonstrating LIVE a specific set of tasks using various tools, AND “holding your hand” through screen sharing while you complete the same tasks on your computer!  This does two things:

It shows you what needs to be done in the most efficient and expeditious way.

YOU will have completed a set of tasks! IT is DONE!  And can easily be done again.

The Training So IT Gets Done! Program is open to the first 5 individuals who would like to take advantage of the first set of task based training which involves Asana, Dropbox and Aweber.   These tools will be used to Plan, Organize and Implement delivery of a free something of your choice that people request by email.


Your Participation Requires You To:

Prepare First

Be available to learn how to use Asana, Dropbox and Aweber to complete a specific set of dated tasks during a FREE live screen-sharing session on Wednesday, July 25th at 12 Noon Eastern/9AM Pacific.

Sign up for all three of these tools before our session together
(They are free or there’s a trial period)


Commit to the Agenda

12 Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific
Planning with Asana

30 minutes of show & tell
15 minute break to complete on your own and 15 minutes given for Q&A if you return early

1PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific
Organizing with Dropbox

30 minutes of show & tell
15 minute break to complete on your own and 15 minutes given for Q&A if you return early

2PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific
Implementing with Aweber

30 minutes of show & tell
15 minute break to complete on your own and 15 minutes given for Q&A before session ends at 3PM Eastern/12 Noon Pacific

And agree to

Provide candid feedback about the training in an effort to make it better AND be willing to tell others about your experience, if satisfied with the outcome for you.

First Attendees Said . . .

If you are just getting started in an online business, you want to learn from Anita Johnson, an expert trainer, who takes the complicated and makes it easy, quick and simple. I finally understand Asana, Dropbox and Aweber. Get it done right, the first time with this training!
Georgia Lee London
Any individual piece would have been worth my time for the great delivery of the information which was provided. You brought the pieces together flawlessly to show others how to take our outline thoughts, create a plan and place all the necessary pieces into a DropBox account for a give away offer which can be accessed anywhere. I now have a completed process for an opt-in email subscription for building my list with the form to acquire the information.
Leigh Scheidell