Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot Login?

If you copied and pasted either your username or password, it’s possible there’s a space either before or after what you pasted. Or it could be saved that way if you are using an automatic password manager like RoboForm or LastPass.

You can tell for sure if you paste the username and password on separate lines in Notepad. The cursor will either be flush left or at the end of each line. The cursor should NOT have a space after it or be on the next line (that’s the hidden space that will cause the login to fail).

You may also try typing (rather than pasting) the information to be sure there are no spaces.

OR . . . you may simply need to clear your temporary internet files, close all browser windows/tabs so the changes take effect, and then when you reopen your browser, try logging in again.

Clearing Your Temporary Internet Files (Cache)

Instructions can be found at but if you’re using the latest version of Firefox, see these instructions instead:

Be sure to close all browser windows/tabs after clearing the cache so that the change takes effect.

When you reopen your browser, try whatever you did before and all should be well.

And for future reference, whenever you run into a situation where a particular webpage is acting weird or not showing up as expected, clearing your cache (temporary internet files) is generally the fix to try first.  🙂

How to Update Your PayPal Credit Card Information

If you paid with a credit card through PayPal, you must login to your PayPal account to update the credit card (or bank) information.

Please understand that we have no way of knowing when your credit card expires, or your backup funding source is updated or changed. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid credit card on file with PayPal.

So, if your subscription fails for any reason, PayPal will try for a few consecutive days to bill you.  If your credit card or backup funding source is no longer valid, and you have not updated your credit card (or backup funding source) with PayPal so you can be billed, your subscription will automatically be cancelled and access to your membership content will end.

And if the subscription is cancelled, the only way to get you back on track is for you to send an email to so we can give you instructions to restart your membership/subscription.

Also be aware that whenever a credit card expires, or there is a change to the credit card on file with PayPal, ALL subscriptions associated with that credit card are automatically canceled by PayPal.

Here’s what you need to do in PayPal to update your credit card:

1) Hover over “Profile” until you get the dropdown menu and click on “My Money”

2) Click the “Update” link to the right of Debit and credit cards then click “Add Card”

3) Next, locate your subscriptions by clicking the “Update” link to the right of My preapproved payments on the “My Money” page.

4) Click the link for the merchant and near the bottom of that page, you should see “Funding Source”; click the “Change” link to add your new credit card or funding source.

For PayPal’s new user interface, do this instead:

Click “Wallet” on the menu and then scroll down until you see “Credit and debit cards”.

There does not appear to be a way to update the credit number of the existing card, so first click “Link a card” to add a new credit card and save it.

Then, to remove the existing card, click it, choose “Edit” then “Remove card”.

Remember, if your existing credit card is about to expire, you must add the new card for ALL your subscriptions, THEN remove your original credit card.

How to Cancel Your PayPal Subscription

1) Login to your PayPal account
2) Hover on Profile until you get the dropdown menu
3) Click on “My Money”
4) Look for “My Preapproved Payments” and click “Update”
6) Search for the subscription you’re wanting to cancel and click on the merchant name
7) Click on cancel subscription and confirm

That’s it. PayPal will not honor the subscription further.