Greeting Cards From Home

If you have ever received a greeting card (Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, etc.) then you know how it makes you feel — someone remembers and cares.

Four years ago, I was introduced to an online company that makes it EASY and LESS expensive to buy and send greeting cards. They print the cards, address the envelopes, put the cards in them, add REAL stamps, and then deliver these cards to the post office! Do you know anyone who would want to use such a service from the comfort of their home or office?

Not only does the service save you time (think hand-addressing holiday cards, for instance), but you save money too. Gone are the days of driving to the store to buy the overpriced cards that may (or may not) really convey your true feelings or thoughts, and then driving to the post office to buy stamps and mail the cards. In fact, this service allows you to have your own printed handwriting and signature as a font when you type your heartfelt message in any of the thousands of available cards, or even the ones you create and customize.

Because this service was instrumental in helping me stay in touch with my son while he was going through Marine Corps Recruit Training, it’s a service I HIGHLY recommend to you, and anyone you know. Seriously . . . everyone has a birthday and knows someone else who does too. That means, EVERYONE can use this service!

Points are used to purchase cards and gifts. Expense is for postage and shipping costs. You can learn more by clicking the green “Learn More” button under the video at

Why not accept my accept my invitation to save yourself time and money when buying greeting cards? You can TRY the service, no obligation, by clicking the “Send a Card” button at the bottom of TODAY! If you need my ID, it is 27748. And then allow me to help you maximize ALL the features that retail customers now enjoy!