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New Service Offering: Repurpose Your Content Using This Ebook Creator

I created a Facebook poll the other day but deleted it when it didn’t show up as I would have liked. So I posted this instead:

If you had the opportunity to have content (text, links and graphics/images) from YOUR blog posts, Word documents, PDFs, audios/videos, and FB posts turned into a stunningly formatted and beautiful ebook:

1-Would that be interest to you?

2-Is that a service you would be willing to pay for or have someone else do for you?

3-And what do you think your finished ebook would be worth to you?

Please answer these questions in the comments below, after you watch these video demos of “new-to-me” software to get a taste of what is possible, and why I’m asking those questions:



Here’s Part 2 of my product review of the software platform and how I’m using it just days after learning about it.


And Part 3 is an unedited Camtasia recording that does not include how to get a copy of my original PDF:

If interested, however, you can sign up to get “Drowning in a Sea of Passwords?” at


And if you are interested in getting the software for yourself, it is currently on sale at a deep discount, but I have no idea for how long.  Just in case, here’s my referral link: and the About page.

However, if you are more interested in having someone else provide this type of service for your own blog posts, documents, ebooks, audio/video, etc., then please schedule time for us to talk about your needs at

And as always, feel free to share this post with others who may benefit from the information presented.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to You (and ME!)

Have you ever had that feeling of being rather proud of yourself for doing, or creating, something you believe is SO AWESOME, combined with that feeling of excitement of wanting others to know about what you did because you just KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it will be beneficial to them? It’s kinda like waiting on Christmas as a young person wanting to give their gift.

That’s how I have been feeling since releasing the paid version of “Let’s Organize and Clean Up Your Computer”. It was my Christmas gift to myself to get the free replay edited into shorter videos and packaged as a training product. I really am sorry if people missed the free replay that was available for viewing, without signing up to watch it, for more than a month. NOW, that entire 1 hour and 31 minute video is 21 short training videos, inside the Thinkific platform, along with the free replay and currently unedited, FREE transcript generated by

Every time I go back through what I created, I am filled with a sense that this product is a “Labor of Love” in terms of being able to provide information I consider “GOLD”. And it also gave me an opportunity to learn Camtasia 2018 and update my video editing skills.

So, aside from my love of learning new software and conquering technology challenges, I am now offering THAT:

  • to people who simply don’t have the time or inclination to learn what is needed, or
  • to those who are frustrated by whatever it is they want to do on their computer, but don’t yet know how to do or where to start.

Anyway, I was rewatching some of the short videos inside the Thinkific platform at and wanted to share this last slide/video with you. Just click the image to play the video in a new tab/window: