My First Survey . . . Will You Help Me Out?

As the New Year approaches, I’m really working on getting outside my comfort zone.   In the past month, I have almost finished writing for an offline presentation I’ll be doing at the end of January.  The topic is “Using the Internet to Earn Income (Why a Home-Based Business Makes Sense)” .

From that writing, I decided to create a squeeze page about tax savings information that could potentially benefit a lot of people.   Admittedly, it’s a really plain page, but I’m rather proud of myself for having created it on my own, and knowing that it works as intended.

While I’m not the author of the tax savings information, I am one of his affiliates.  And even though I have written a short report summarizing some of what I have learned, I haven’t released the report yet (except to a few close friends.)    But I did just receive notice that the author has just released a free report, which you are welcome to get HERE.

Anyway, because I’m still trying to pull it all together, I decided to create my first survey in order to get some feedback about the tax savings web page I created.  Would you mind doing me a HUGE favor by taking my Tax Savings Survey?

You’re even welcome to comment here, if you’d like.

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