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Another “Training So It Gets Done!” Session

So . . . I just published a blog post about discovering a new FreeConferenceCall (“FCC”) feature. Now I’m debating when I will offer the next FREE “Training So It Gets Done!” session and what the topic will be.

I’ve been thinking about holding weekly screen sharing sessions for people who would like to participate by sharing their own screens while I provide the necessary instructions to get whatever YOU, the participant, needs to have done on your end.

This type of training is designed to be quick, in the moment and result in something getting DONE! Finished! Accomplished!

Since I’ve been using FCC and Loom almost daily, I held an online screen sharing session on the topic of  “Learn How FCC Could Help You”.

Of course, there are a group of SendOutCards (“SOC”) people who are waiting for me to show them how I used FCC’s mobile app to share my phone screen and record that quick Demo of the SOC App.

That hasn’t happened yet, and needs to. In the meantime, however, if you’re not yet part of my new and small, but growing, “Training So It Gets Done” Support group, please consider this my personal invitation asking you to join us!

I PROMISE you’ll find the content to be unique and containing information you may not have known.

P.S. I’m also thinking someone else would really appreciate it if you shared this blog post, so please do! 🙂

My Offline Gig

Although I infrequently blog, my intention is to always do better. Just like the intention when I bought my first domain was to provide information that would be helpful to people who are new to the internet, and in particular, affiliate and networking marketing.

When I registered NetMarketingForNewbies in the fall of 2007 (and moved its content here and let the domain expire in 2018), I didn’t really have a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish.  Yet, I always post information every now and again that I believe would be of interest to others, particularly if I have personally experienced it.  So, this post is no different.

Aside from the online activities I’ve been engaged with since 2007, in 2016, I added an offline earning activity that was totally unexpected and still surprises me.  And it has its own referral program.

When I relocated from Daytona Beach to Atlanta in July 2016, it was after spending the better part of 2016 seriously resisting coming back to the ATL, while my entire way of life was falling apart around me in FL.

It was the life threatening event on July 6, the same day police killed the young man in Baton Rogue, that signaled my life would not be the same.  The next day, I wrote about it for posterity here, and read it to my best girlfriend when she called to tell me about the young man killed by police in Minneapolis that day.  All she could say to what I had written was:  “Oh My God!  Oh My God!”  The following day she called and said she heard, not the voice of God, but my deceased Mom’s voice:  “You need to pack your stuff and come on”.

Initially, I took a “real” J-O-B (which I haven’t had in 13 years) because it seemed the appropriate thing to do, given girlfriend wasn’t charging me for space to get back on my feet.  I spent 30 days being offline for 12-14 hours; waking up at 4AM to snooze the alarm until 5AM; get up, be dressed and ready to leave by 7AM to drive to catch the express bus that left at 7:30AM; and arrived downtown 15 minutes before I was to sign in and start “work” at 8:30AM.

The job itself really required 2-3 more people; they didn’t pay overtime, but expected me to provide ‘solutions’ and be the ‘remedy’ while sometimes staying longer than the 8 hours I was already there; and my commute home was, on average, an hour and half for less than 20 miles!

As much as I appreciated the opportunity and ‘steady and consistent’ checks on the 15th and end of month, I had to leave.  I simply refused to become “an extension of someone else’s chaos” or run on their hamster wheel.  I have my own.  🙂

In fact, leaving that J-O-B is what caused me to start seriously driving for Uber.  Like the next day!  It turns out I can “work“ half as long for about the same amount of money!  And believe it or not, driving in Atlanta traffic has actually turned out to be less stressful and more enjoyable than the 30 days of offline madness I endured working at someone else’s place of business.

THIS offline gig has surprised me because the primary reason for resisting returning to Atlanta was the traffic.  Atlanta=Traffic . . . it’s happening somewhere, all the time.  I have 40 years experience driving these highways.  But now, I get to choose what time of day I enter the fray. And I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere, just providing a very necessary service that is booming here in the ATL.

So after a day or two of driving for Uber to areas of metropolitan Atlanta that I’d only seen on the TV weather map, I had to laugh.  NEVER say what you won’t do, as God has other plans.   🙂

Another surprise for me in driving for Uber is the actual driving part.  Driving has never been my favorite activity, more a necessary one, like most people who commute to a place of business.  When I bought my car seven years ago, and instantly named it “God’s Blessings”, I had no idea I would become a road warrior.

Almost two months later, I had relocated to Daytona Beach and burned gas driving all around the city to learn it.  Driving was easy and enjoyable there.  And several times a year, I made the 400+ mile one-way drive to Atlanta to visit family and attend internet marketing events. And while in Atlanta, always managed to drive as many miles as it took to come from FL.

NOW, I can see that all of that has been preparation for what I’m currently engaged in.  Me, who wanted NOTHING to do with Atlanta’s traffic is out in it every day!  And I have to admit, it’s like an adventure because:

  • I have no idea where I’m taking a rider until they get in the car;
  • I have driven to places I’ve only heard the name of;
  • I have been on streets I didn’t know existed which connect parts of Atlanta without being on the highway;
  • I meet new people every day; AND
  • I get to set a goal for how much I want to earn each day, and see it materialize in real time.

Oh, and not only does Uber pay weekly by direct deposit, after so many drives, you can request your money up to 5 times a day!  Seriously!  Instant Pay is 50 cents per Cash Out and earnings transfer from the app to your bank account or debit card instantly! “Driving For Dollars” is what I do. 🙂

So that’s my personal review of Uber’s service from a new driver’s perspective.  If Uber is in your area, and you want to earn extra money on your schedule, here’s your invitation to do so:

New drivers earn $50 after completing 20 rides (and the referring driver also earns $50).

If you haven’t yet requested an Uber ride, or think you would like to try the service, here’s a FREE ride on me (up to $15):

Psst:  I discovered you can even add the FREE ride to your existing rider account under Payment.  Just click “Add Promo/Gift Code” at the bottom and enter:  4b7e6e3vue so it shows up for future use.

All riders also have their own referral code that allows them to earn FREE RIDES when they refer new riders.  Drivers earn $5 for new riders who use their code.

If you have any questions about how Uber works, either as a driver or rider, feel free to reach out and Let’s Talk!

Safe travels!