My “Training Wheels” Teleseminar

In my last post, I recommended Renegade Professional to anyone who wants to learn how to promote themselves better online.

Because I believe in that program so strongly, I recently did my first teleseminar . . . a “training wheels” experience, if you will. The “training wheels” teleseminar was meant to be a product view of Renegade Professional, although a good bit of it tells ‘my story’. The teleseminar was done during Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins’ Teleseminar Formula Training Camp 3.0.

Although the live workshop is over, Bob offers a self-study program that is very indepth, with both audio and video replays of the live workshop. And there’s a mastermind community available of people who have already gone through the live workshop and completed at least one teleseminar; so they can be helpful as well, if you choose to learn how to do your own teleseminars.

To get an idea of Bob’s training, why not join for free to see what he offers inside the membership area?

By the way, if you’d like to hear the replay of my “training wheels” teleseminar go ahead and fill in the opt-in form on the right.

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