Me and YouTube

Well, I’m taking the plunge . . . I’ve decided to start using YouTube.  Created an account a few years ago, but never really saw a reason to put my face out there.  The first video I uploaded in October, 2008 was for a contest I entered, called the 6o-Second Elevator Pitch.  Although I didn’t win, it was an interesting experience trying to record my message in 60 seconds or less.

However, now that I’m finally beginning to understand what video can do for someone who is looking to attract a certain type of audience, I’m going to be adding more to the channel I just created. Feel free to subscribe so you can stay updated on what I’m doing over there.

More importantly, though, you are encouraged to find out for yourself how several Web 2.0 sites can help YOU!

And take some time to really listen to what Mike Klingler has to say about getting yourself found online.

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