Let’s Organize and Clean Up YOUR Computer

A little more than a month ago, I had this idea and hosted an online meeting to help interested people learn how to better organize and clean up their computers.  The recording ended up being an hour and half long, and I knew I would have to spend time editing it into smaller videos, with the intention to sell this information because there’s pure gold in the content. 🙂

I AM pleased to report that I have FINISHED the first round of editing the FCC video in Camtasia 2018.  That means while not perfect, it’s good enough for now, and can be improved upon later, if necessary.  For now, here’s what you can expect:

What was an hour and 31 minute online meeting is now 21 shorter videos, all uploaded to Thinkific. Those images are from Thinkific’s landing page, which is now done and ready for ‘prime time’ at the newly released link for “Let’s Organize and Clean Up Your Computer”.

Although this may not be your cup of tea, I am confident YOU know someone who could benefit from this information, so please share this post so everybody wins!

Besides, I’m thinking about giving free access to interested people in exchange for their honest feedback about the content. Even better though would be a testimonial about how “Organize Your Computer” training was helpful to you.

Any takers? You can leave a comment below or reach out to me on Facebook.

Free Replay Disappearing Soon. Don’t Miss Out!

As I continue editing my LONG online meeting, “Organize Your Computer” using Camtasia 2018, I’m excited by the content that YOU have the opportunity to learn and DO on your OWN computer!

Most people who use a computer were never told about simple basic maintenance to make computer life more efficient or less stressful. My goal is to help interested individuals overcome their computer struggles by providing information designed to be useful, IF implemented.

And Training So It Gets Done is all about implementation. NOW!

So while the content is still available for free viewing as I work on creating the paid version, do yourself or someone else a favor, and watch what is offered and then share this post widely as someone needs this information. And if you find any value, feel free to thank me with a testimonial I can add to the paid version.  It would be so appreciated. 🙂