Reflecting . . .

When I first created this blog, the intention was to provide a central location for resources and tools for people who are new to Internet Marketing. These people are Affiliates, Network Marketers, or those who have their own offline business and want to promote it online.

The vision was to help cut through the clutter and noise that the Internet can be when you do not know what you may need, where to find it, or how to learn to use whatever it is that will help you. My goal was to provide useful information aimed at beginners (newbies) so they could learn the things that are necessary when getting started online. Admittedly, I have not been consistent in keeping up with my initial intention, vision or goal.

Yes, I too, suffer from distractions, and sometimes lose my way along this journey of working for oneself without any clear direction or guidelines. It takes time and energy (and sometimes money) to promote any program or business. And when you are involved in more than one, focus is naturally diluted. I know that focusing on one particular project is still a challenge for me.

I remember starting 2009 excited about having finished my first ebook and speaking before a group of strangers. Shortly thereafter, I found myself promoting the relaunch of a particular affiliate program for a few months. Then another two months went by as I took an online workshop to learn a complex piece of software. After that, I participated in a teleseminar training class. All the while, my Network Marketing business was never a priority.

Since the last time I posted to my blog, I have redirected my time, energy and focus on what I have ignored all year. I meant to write about what I was doing, but instead, was totally immersed in rediscovering all the things I love about my Network Marketing company’s product. In the process, I have also realized that I never got completely comfortable with what it takes to build a Network Marketing organization.

I know the simple steps to take to introduce the product to others, but I don’t want to come off as a pushy sales person. I understand that I need to expose the product to as many people as possible, but do not like the feeling of rejection that sometimes happens when the right words are not said, or when dealing with the wrong people. So I’m having to relearn what it takes to overcome these feelings I have while staying positive about the big picture.

Every now and again, those of us who are charting unknown territory (translated, not employed by someone else, but working for ourselves) we just need to reflect on why we do what we do. And right now, that’s what I’m doing.

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