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Another “Training So It Gets Done!” Session

So . . . I just published a blog post about discovering a new FreeConferenceCall (“FCC”) feature. Now I’m debating when I will offer the next FREE “Training So It Gets Done!” session and what the topic will be.

I’ve been thinking about holding weekly screen sharing sessions for people who would like to participate by sharing their own screens while I provide the necessary instructions to get whatever YOU, the participant, needs to have done on your end.

This type of training is designed to be quick, in the moment and result in something getting DONE! Finished! Accomplished!

Since I’ve been using FCC and Loom almost daily, I held an online screen sharing session on the topic of  “Learn How FCC Could Help You”.

Of course, there are a group of SendOutCards (“SOC”) people who are waiting for me to show them how I used FCC’s mobile app to share my phone screen and record that quick Demo of the SOC App.

That hasn’t happened yet, and needs to. In the meantime, however, if you’re not yet part of my new and small, but growing, “Training So It Gets Done” Support group, please consider this my personal invitation asking you to join us!

I PROMISE you’ll find the content to be unique and containing information you may not have known.

P.S. I’m also thinking someone else would really appreciate it if you shared this blog post, so please do! 🙂

Were You One of the 14,000 Who Got a Free Copy of Butterfly Marketing 2.0?


Because I provide customer support for one of Mike Filsaime’s stellar Butterfly Marketers, Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins, I wanted to offer some insight and assistance to the people who ordered a copy of Butterfly Marketing 2.0 that Mike gave away at the end of March, 2009.

Bob has created a training course at DiscoverButterflyMarketing.com, and I highly encourage any of the new owners of the Butterfly Marketing 2.0 software to take advantage of what Bob has to offer.

Personally, I had no intentions of getting the software, or even blogging about it here, because I KNOW it’s way too technical for beginners (“newbies”). My goal with this site is to provide information that can benefit the new person online, however, I’m making an exception for these reasons:

  • I already know what’s involved in installing the software and setting up the Admin Dashboard inside the software because I’ve done it for the last 10 of Bob’s sites; and
  • New owners of Butterfly Marketing are going to NEED step-by-step, easy to follow instructions. Especially since it was understood when ordering the software, that there is no technical support for Butterfly Marketing, unless you pay for it.

Bob’s Discover Butterfly Marketing course encompasses a virtual webinar Workshop that just started this past Tuesday with an Orientation session of what will be covered in the virtual Workshop. Today, April 9th, we’re going to be starting the first session. And each of these webinars is being recorded, not only for the benefit of people taking the virtual Workshop now, but for any one who later decides to take advantage of the Workshop.

You can start by becoming a Free Preview member of Discover Butterfly Marketing in order to get a taste of what Bob offers. This membership level will give you access to:

  • An exclusive Teleseminar with Mike Filsaime;
  • Bob Jenkins’ Own History with Butterfly Marketing; and
  • Short videos that will show you exactly how to install the Butterfly Marketing software

And of course, if you have any questions regarding Discover Butterfly Marketing, just open a support ticket at The Teachers Help Desk and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours or less.