Write the Vision and Make it Plain

Because this site is really still in its infancy, it may be some time before it all comes together like I envison in my head. But it will come together as I post content that is important to me, and I hopefully beneficial to you.

The information I share may not initially seem to be cohesive, but it all has a point. It’s like weeding through the thoughts in my head to pull out bits and pieces that may help someone else shorten their learning curve. In fact, now that I see a bigger picture than I did when I first started, there’s also a whole lot more information to go through to get out what’s really important.

Let me start with what I didn’t do, that you really MUST do . . .


Whatever it is that you are online for, write it down. Write down what you want, and what you think it’s going to take to get you what you want. In other words, you need a plan. You need to know WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing online, as well as HOW you are going to get WHERE you are working toward being. It’s not enough to state you want to make money online or that you want to have an online business. You need to write it all down and you need to be specific about the details. (I’m preaching to the choir here . . .)

For instance, I know that with this site, I want to provide a place for people to come and get information and tools that can help them in whatever it is they are attempting to do online. I want to create a place like the one I wish I could have found when I first got started online; one that provides basic information, or at least points people in the right direction to get their questions answered.

Ideally, I’ll be focusing on the network marketing industry because it’s what I “fell into” almost 6 years ago when I came online in search of earning income from home. Regardless of what others may think about the industry, I believe it is one that is viable and worthy of consistent effort, especially in these economic times. Specifically, I want to share information that wasn’t obvious to me when I got started, but is what I learned over time by making the mistakes so many others have.

I’d also like to tap into the younger generation, the high school and college age students who haven’t a clue that it’s not enough to have an education and find a ‘good job’. You need something else on the side (or several) to generate income on a consistent basis, especially when there’s no guarantee that the ‘good job’ will last any length of time, or that it will be easy to find another one.

Indeed, what you’ll find on this site are the resources and tools that I have found to be useful to me and because they are relatively simple in nature, they seem to be worth sharing with you.

For instance, let’s start with a free piece of mind-mapping software that I learned about over a year ago. While I consider myself a really quick study when it comes to learning new stuff, this particular software had me stumped. I knew I needed it, I certainly wanted to use it to help me get better organized, but I just wasn’t getting anywhere with it. But recently, Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins, took all the mystery out of this software by explaining how it works and how it can be used. Take a look at DiscoverFreemind to see if this can help you write YOUR vision and make it more plain.

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